Police: Teen dies after falling into icy pond in East Brunswick

Counseling was available Thursday for students in East Brunswick after a 13-year-old died after falling through an icy pond.
Emergency crews arrived at the pond Wednesday just before 5 p.m. on Civic Center Drive.
According to police, three teens fell through the ice. Two boys were able to get themselves off the ice, but the 13-year-old victim had fallen through and remained in the water.
"It's a sad day for East Brunswick,” says Mayor Brad Cohen. “It's a sad day for the entire community, but most of all it's a sad day for a family that is here."
Police say the teen was pronounced dead at the hospital. First responders formed a human chain in a valiant effort to rescue the young man.
“Within seconds, we responded to it,” says Chief Frank LoSacco. “Without hesitation, six of my officers immediately went into the water. They formed a chain, started breaking the ice in an attempt to get to the one juvenile who is still in the water, but they were unsuccessful getting to them in time before he went under."
Six police officers and two firefighters were treated for hypothermia, but News 12 has learned all have been released from the hospital.
The student was an eighth-grader at Churchill Junior High School. The superintendent says counseling will be made available for students at all three secondary schools in the district.