Police: Student shot outside Newark Central High School during gas leak evacuation

Witnesses say that someone shot at the students from a passing vehicle while students were outside.

Matt Trapani and Naomi Yané

Nov 13, 2023, 6:19 PM

Updated 212 days ago


Parents of students at Newark’s Central High School picked up their kids earlier than they normally do after many got phone calls from their children about a shooting outside the school Monday afternoon.
Newark Schools Superintendent Roger León says students had been evacuated from the school due to two reports of gas leaks at the school.
"We notified PSE&G and our fire Department. As a precautionary measure the best thing that was recommended was for the students and staff to evacuate the building,” León said.
Central High School sophomore Jamielynn McMillan told News 12 New Jersey that just before students headed back into the building, they heard a commotion and saw a 15-year-old classmate lying on the sidewalk.
"We saw the kid on the ground, and we saw like blood on his side,” McMillan said.
A source tells News 12 New Jersey that a black Dodge Durango was seen leaving the area where the shots came from that injured the teen.
"Unfortunately, there was a shooting outside of the school and we responded, and we have to continue to respond and make sure that we send a message that this won’t be tolerated,” said Mayor Ras Baraka.
Baraka says this was an isolated incident and it's under investigation. The injured student is in stable condition.

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