Police shut down 2 illegal after-hours clubs in Paterson

Two illegal after-hours clubs were shut down in Paterson Saturday.
A restaurant on Main Street and another on Park Avenue would close for the night and then allegedly reopen as clubs selling alcohol without a license.
When officers arrived at the restaurants, they say about 10 to 20 people were inside drinking or smoking.
They say garbage cans were filled with alcohol and hookah equipment was on the counters.
A summons was issued to the people running the clubs.
Paterson Public Safety Director Jerry Speziale Jr. issued a statement, saying: "This illegal activity leads to all types of crime, disorder and the spread of disease and will not be tolerated. We are circling the wagons and will be out with a task force in mass and the charges for those with secret flyers and illegal after-hours locations will be held accountable."