Police: School bus carrying 20 students overturns in Clinton; 2 injuries reported

Police say a school bus driving 20 elementary school students overturned this morning in Clinton.
The bus was laying across Haytown Road on its left side. The students were on their way to Round Valley Elementary School. Hunterdon Medical Center has confirmed that only two students were treated and have since been released. 
News 12 spoke with Maria Carlo, who, along with her neighbor, Trisha, were first at the scene. Carlo opened the emergency back door of the bus to get the kids out. 
“Blank faces, nobody was screaming, everybody was pretty calm and I just asking is anybody hurt and to go away from the bus," says Carlo. "I was very shocked. I think I was more panicked than they were."
The district superintendent, Round Valley school principal and a guidance counselor were all on scene as well - helping to ease the stress of the parents who were at the scene of the crash. 
News 12 spoke with a father of one student who was on the bus who said she suffered minor bruises, but she's safe and at home. 
Parents also say the bus driver was OK and able to get up and walk around.
The cause of the crash is unknown at this time.