Police responding to possible burglary find dead deer in home instead

What started as a routine burglary call for a Bergen County police department turned out to be anything but.
River Vale police say that they received a call around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday about a possible burglary in progress. But when they arrived on the scene, they found that it was not a burglary at all, but a deer that had crashed through a window in the home.
Police say that they determined that a dog chased the deer overnight, causing the deer to run through a window in the home. The deer later died from injuries caused by the broken glass. Police say the dog appeared to be fine and that the deer showed no signs of injury from the dog.
Animal control responded to remove the deer carcass from the home.
Police say that the dog owner and the owner of the home have been in contact and “will handle the matter between them for the damage.”