Police: 2 people, 1 with gun, rob house near Rutgers University; third gun-related incident in 3 weeks

The community around Rutgers University is on alert for the third weekend in a row after police say there was a home invasion robbery overnight.
The incident happened on Guilden Street in New Brunswick.
Authorities say that two people broke into the house, robbed the occupants, and left. At least one of the suspects was armed with a gun, according to officials. Police have not stated if the victims are students or staff at the university.
Police say three men robbed another man at gunpoint last weekend near Richardson and Wyckoff streets. The men reportedly left the scene with high-value items. The victim was affiliated with the university, but it is unclear how.
Police also say two people were killed two weekends ago in a shooting just blocks from campus. There are still no arrests in that shooting, which was caught on video. The victims were Lionel Macauley, of Somerset, and Anthony Robinson, of New Brunswick. Nine people in total were shot that night.