Police: Pedestrian hit, killed while walking across highway in Carlstadt

Police say a pedestrian was hit and killed while walking across a busy highway to catch a bus in Carlstadt early Saturday morning.

Officials say the 50-year-old man was waiting at a bus shelter after his overnight shift as a gas station attendant.

They say around 6:45 a.m., he saw an N.J. Transit bus pull up and start letting people off, and that's when he crossed the street outside of the crosswalk and was fatally struck.

Officials say the victim walked against the signal when a driver traveling north, who had the right of way, hit him. They say the victim was pronounced dead on the scene.

They say the four-lane intersection is busy and dangerous.

“We did have an upgrade lately where they made this a controlled intersection,” says Detective Sgt. John Cleary. “Of course the signal helps but you still need to look both ways and make sure there is no traffic coming.”

Police are investigating if foggy conditions played a role in the accident. They say they are interviewing witnesses and the driver.

It is unknown if the driver will face charges.