Police issue warning after family pet attacked by wild animal in Summit

Police in Summit are reminding residents what to do if they encounter a wild animal after a dog was attacked on Sunday by what is believed to be a coyote
Officials say coyotes are typically non-confrontational and they are looking for easy food sources. They say that this doesn't mean they will not become aggressive.
"Here in Summit, coyote attacks are not a common thing. They are very rare,” says Sumit Police Lt. Charles Daly.
Authorities say a dog was bitten by a wild animal in the area of Dale Drive Sunday night.
Police tell News 12 that they are not sure if it was a coyote or a fox, but it was a wild animal.
Summit police with a list of things to help keep ourselves safe.
  • Be aware of the surroundings during early mornings and evenings. This is when these animals are more active.
  • Make sure you secure any kind of food sources that coyotes may try to locate due to the weather getting colder.
  • Don’t turn your back and run away. You should face the animal and make yourself as large as possible and make as much noise as you possibly can.
  • Make sure you put yourself in between your child or pet so that a wild animal does not mistakenly deem them as a food source.
Authorities have notified animal control about Sunday’s attack. News 12 is told that after the attack, the animal ran into a wooden area.
"We all have to be careful about our dogs and even if you have children. You have to keep an eye out on them. I know there was a big scare when there were bears around. But that's typical of this area," says Renee Napoli, owner of a 5-month puppy.
According to officials, dogs smaller than 40 pounds are often regarded by coyotes as prey and larger dogs could be seen as a threat or competitor.
News 12 has also learned that the dog injured in the attack is expected to make a full recovery.