Police: Homeowner in Roseland shoots at intruder trying to steal luxury vehicle

Roseland police say a homeowner shot at an intruder who was trying to steal a luxury vehicle early Monday morning.
They say the intruder was looking for the key to a BMW in the laundry room or mud room from 5 Lasalle Court at 3 a.m. The intruder entered through the window to the garage to try and gain access into the home, where he was shot at by the owner of the home.
“I saw people coming in real late at night driving up and down so I had put a camera in my wife's car just to see if it would go off,” Roseland’s Dan Piccirillo told News 12. “And the next day somebody came in the car, and it took a picture of their face and they shut the door quickly and left.”
News 12 learned that the homeowner’s gun is legally owned, but that the bullet has not yet been found.
“I'm sure the town will get behind this to do whatever they can to make sure it doesn't happen again,” added Piccirillo.
“Everyone is safe, everyone is calm,” said Roseland Mayor James Spango. “Remind everyone, please it is important to lock your car doors. It's also important to lock your interior garage door into your home. That is just another level of security.”
Authorities say the intruder got away and the homeowner will not be charged.
The suspect is described as a young male who was wearing all red.