Police: Driver threw Molotov cocktail at parked car in Scotch Plains

Police were called to a Scotch Plains home Friday night after they said a person inside a car threw a Molotov cocktail at a parked vehicle.
They say it happened on 300 Myrtle Ave. at 10:30 p.m.
Neighbor Brianna Willmott said she watched it all play out in real time through her Ring doorbell camera. She said a suspicious vehicle caught her attention after hanging around too long while circling the block.
"All of a sudden, the lights go out in the car and he lights something and throws it under my neighbor's car trying to catch it on fire," Willmott recalled. "The cops had to call the bomb squad and they came out to test what was going on and to see if it was going to ignite or anything."
Willmott said the Molotov cocktail was made up of toilet paper and rubbing alcohol that were inside of a pill bottle with duct tape around it. Shortly after the bottle was thrown, the car drove off and turned its lights back on once it got to the end of the street.
She said the neighbor who was targeted experienced a similar attack nearly seven years ago – except that time, the car was set on fire. News 12 tried to confirm these details with police but had not heard back as of Saturday evening.
News 12 tried to speak with the person who was targeted but he said he did not wish to comment at the time.
Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Sergeant Jason Everitt at 908-322-7100 ext. 113 or Detective Lieutenant Stan Pearson at 908-322-7100 ext. 117.