Police brace themselves for Saturday’s Hoboken SantaCon

Extra officers will be on hand to manage the rowdy crowds expected for SantaCon in Hoboken Saturday.
Festively dressed revelers will hit up several Hoboken bars for the event, much to the chagrin of the police department.
Chief Ken Ferrante says there will be a total of 160 officers deployed throughout the day starting at 8 a.m., which is earlier than last year.
Despite PSA's asking people to sit out SantaCon, thousands are still expected to run and drink through downtown.
This year, 11 bars will participate. It's up by one from last year but still down from the 30 it used to be.
"If they're permitting brawls, if they're allowing underage drinking, if they're over occupying, they will be hit with sanctions,” says Chief Ferrante.
This year, SantaCon participants are asked to bring toys and donations.
However, Chief Ferrante says he’s skeptical. "In my 27 years as a police officer, six as chief of these events, I have never seen anyone bringing a gift off that train. They're coming to drink."
Ferrante adds that Hoboken taxpayers will pay $60,000 for the extra policing. 
Hoboken is paying $17,000 for Union City Police Department's assistance.