Police: Alleged ‘noose’ found in tree outside Fair Lawn home was twine used to tie utility cables

The Fair Lawn Police Department has concluded its investigation into reports of a rope tied into a noose found in a tree outside a family’s home.
Police say that the rope was actually a piece of twine used by utility companies to tie up cables.
A spokesperson for the department wrote in a statement, “This was confirmed when detectives spoke with representatives from multiple utility companies who stated that although they could not confirm who tied it or when the rope was tied to the cables, the rope that was found is consistent with rope that is regularly used by those companies.”
Police say that they found similar twine tying cables together near the home. They say that the belief that this particular piece of twine fell off the cables and got tangled in the tree and that the wind caused it to twist around, resembling a noose. They say that no foul play or ill intentions were found.
When the incident was originally reported, Fair Lawn Mayor Kurt Peluso posted a picture on his Facebook page.
“How do I feel about a noose hanging from a tree of a home in Fair Lawn? Absolutely disgusted, but not surprised,” Peluso wrote.
The mayor has spoken out the past year about bias and intolerance in Fair Lawn particularly when members of the white supremacist group The Proud Boys attended protests held in the town.