Point Pleasant Beach’s iconic ‘Sinatra House’ on the market for $4.4M

A Point Pleasant home known as the "Sinatra house" for its previous owner's diehard fandom is now on the market.

Sep 20, 2022, 1:16 PM

Updated 630 days ago


Real estate agent James Ward's newest listing is getting him peppered with questions no other real estate agent has likely ever had to answer: Will the buyer be required to play Frank Sinatra music on the outdoor speakers?
Nearly everyone walking by the house on the Point Pleasant Beach boardwalk on Tuesday said they sure hope so.
It's a quirky only-in-Jersey landmark known for decades as simply “The Sinatra House.”
For three decades, owner Paul Smith - a former chairman at Sony Music - would play Sinatra all day long from the outdoor speakers. It was loud enough for anyone on the boardwalk or beach to hear.
Smith died in 2002. For years after his death, his four kids and their children kept the music going. The sound of Ole Blue Eyes became a part of the summer memories of generations of beachgoers.
But Smith's children are selling the house. The asking price is $4.4 million.
It's a familiar story among the tens of thousands of families with grandparents who built or bought a Jersey Shore beach house for a few grand decades ago. Some are now worth millions, with each heir having a different idea what to do with the place.
On today's episode of “Brian's Positively New Jersey,” Brian Donohue visits the house to see if this Jersey Shore landmark will survive or fade away forever.

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