‘Plaza Suite’ starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick opens on Broadway

The stars were out on Broadway Monday night for the long-awaited return of one of Neil Simon’s most famous plays.
Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick star in “Plaza Suite.” The real-life couple plays three different couples in Simon’s comedy.
“We both share this feeling – really fortunate and deeply satisfying,” Parker says.
This is the first time “Plaza Suite” has been performed on Broadway since its initial run began in 1968.
“This is it. We both started in theater…I started as a little girl. He started when he was a very young man. This is where our attention has always been,” Parker says.
"It's nice when it's done and nothing terrible happened. And it's more than that - something really satisfying happened,” Broderick says.
Opening night came after a two-year delay. “Plaza Suite” was supposed to open just as the COVID-19 pandemic shut down Broadway.
Plaza Suite will be performed through June 26.