Plastic bag ban now in effect for 6 towns across New Jersey

Six towns across New Jersey are now banning plastic bags, under new laws that went into effect Jan. 1.
The new laws took effect in Asbury Park, Glen Rock, Paramus, Ridgewood, Saddle Brook and South Orange. Officials say that the new laws were established to help reduce the use of environmentally dangerous plastic materials.
Under the ordinance, retailers will be required to provide recyclable bags and may choose to charge customers at their discretion.
In Asbury Park, a retailer may provide a customer with a paper or reusable carryout bag, but they'll pay a minimum fee of 10 cents for each one.  In South Orange, paper carry-out bags now have a 5-cent fee.
In Glen Rock, reusable bags or recyclable paper bags are available to customers for a fee of at least 10 cents, but there is no charge for small paper bags. In Paramus, businesses in violation of the ordinance will receive a written warning. Subsequent violations carry financial fines of up to $500.
The ordinance is not being enforced until March 1.