Pizza delivery driver attempts to break world record for fastest pizza box folding

A pizza delivery driver from Manalapan has set out to break a world record that many may not know exists – the fastest pizza box folding.
Randy DeGregorio drives for Mezza Luna Pizza and says that he can fold more boxes than anyone else on the planet.
“Over time, when it's slow, there’s no deliveries,” the 2020 Rutgers graduate says. “You kind of compete with other drivers and say who can fold them the fastest. And over time, I started to realize that, hey, I’m pretty good at this.”
DeGregorio says that while he was surfing the internet during the pandemic lockdown, he discovered that the Guinness Book of World Records has a category for high-speed pizza box folding. The current record is held by Vanoni Allessandro of Italy who can fold 14 boxes in one minute. But DeGregorio says that with his five years of experience in the trenches of New Jersey pizzerias, he can break that record.
With Manalapan police officers on hand to act as witnesses, DeGregorio set out to break the record – and within one minute, he was able to fold 18 boxes – four more than the current world record holder.
“So glad it’s over and I finally got it,” DeGregorio says.
It is all up to the Guinness judges to review the video to officially declare DeGregorio the record holder. He says that he expects to hear back from the organization within a few months.