Pine Bush mom warns Facebook users of hackers using child exploitation images to disable accounts

A Pine Bush mother is warning people of what appears to be an international scam affecting Facebook users after hackers used child exploitation images to disable her account. 
Jaimie Tamburello says her page was hacked earlier this month and deactivated for pornographic images of children.  
The mother of five says she tried getting through to Facebook for help but couldn’t get through or log in to her account. 
She says she found out the same scam was previously reported in Australia but even still, couldn’t reactivate her page until she saw a YouTube clip about going through a virtual reality gaming company owned by Facebook, which worked. 
“If you Google this – there have been so many ‘shame on [yous]’ to Facebook and nothing has been done," she says. 
Tamburello says she’s since tightened up her Facebook security settings and urges other users to do the same.