Photographer takes pictures of pets to help get them adopted

A photographer with a knack for taking pictures of animals is using her skills to help out some furry friends.
Kristen Kidd takes photographs of animals up for adoption in the hopes of helping them find their forever homes.
"The power of the photograph is being transported to an emotion,” says Kidd.
Kidd is taking pictures of the animals at the Jersey Shore Animal Center in Brick. The free portraits could help the dogs find a loving family.
"Maybe a photo that I had the honor of taking, really brought to life that pet in a way that resonated,” Kidd says. “That feeling is the best feeling in the world.”
Jersey Shore Animal Officer Barbara Palmer says that the exposure will help entice people to adopt the animals.
"Hopefully someone will come in and give them a forever home,” she says.
Kidd has also written “The Woman’s Best Friend Project,” a book to showcase the impact that a pet can make on a woman’s life.
"Women submitted their stories, answering the question of ‘How has your dog been there for you in ways that humans could not be there for you?’” says Kidd.
More information about Kidd’s pet photography can be found on her website.