Photographer creates online exhibit showcasing his photos of the Jersey Shore in the off season

While many people are counting down the days before they can begin to plan trips to the Jersey Shore, there is a subset of New Jerseyans who are cherishing the last few weeks of empty beaches.
Among them is photographer Tyler Haughey, who has a series of photos featuring New Jersey’s beaches in the off-season.
“You might always be able to find solitude in the Pines Barrens or the Delaware Water Gap. But finding solitude in Seaside Heights is pretty ironic,” he says.
Haughey celebrates the stripped-down off season at the Shore, with photographs like one showing the snow-frosted patio at a Jersey Shore hotel. These types of photos are featured in his 2018 book “Everything is Regional.” There is a newer online exhibition of his work up through April 15.
“I always say it’s like the dream versus the reality. You have the three months of the high season of the summertime, that idealistic, full of the clichés and the stereotypes everyone thinks of when it comes to Jersey. And you really get a better sense of the places when all of that kind of walls away and these places are stripped of all the beach towels and bathing suits…you just get a better feel of what the reality is,” Haughey says.
Now living in Connecticut, Haughey grew up in Ocean Township, Monmouth County – not far from Asbury Park, a town that’s cycle of decline and rebirth was both seasonal and decades long. That history is similar to Atlantic City, which is featured in many of Haughey's photos.
Haughey says that some of his photos of Atlantic City can show the city’s entire history.
“You start at the bottom, it’s that vacant grass lot. Then you get the row homes and past that an older casino from the ‘20s or the ‘30s. And then next to that is the resort, a kind of glass tower,” he says.
His photos also feature quiet Wildwood motels and empty swimming pools – what the Jersey Shore looks like when the summer trappings and people are taken away.
Haughey's online exhibit can be found on