Petition urges Port Authority to move Holland Tunnel holiday decoration

A former Hoboken resident is fighting to have a Holland Tunnel decoration moved.
Cory Windelspecht says a tree covering the letter N of the Holland Tunnel sign would look much better over the letter A.
"I understand it's a petty thing--people have real problems but this is something that bugs me and it bugs a lot of people every day," Windelspecht says.
He says the tree is stuck right in the middle of the N but the A is the exact same shape as the tree.
The situation has bothered Windelspecht so much that he started a petition asking the Port Authority to move the tree over a few feet to cover the A.
Some drivers told News 12 they agree that the tree should be moved while others thought the whole issue is ridiculous.
Windelspecht's petition is now up to 599 signatures, and he plans to personally make his argument before the Port Authority Board of Commissioners meeting on Thursday.
A spokesman for the agency told News 12 they respect his opinion but right now have no plans to move the tree.