PepsiCo Rolling Remembrance Relay in Purchase honors military heroes

The PepsiCo Rolling Remembrance Relay in Purchase is a special event to honor military heroes who lost their lives fighting for our country.
The event started in March and passed through 53 different parts of the country. 
Thirty-six PepsiCo drivers, who are also military veterans, took part in the relay race, which comes to an end Tuesday at the company's headquarters in Purchase. The drivers took an American flag with them that was first flown by U.S. forces during combat.
"It's got huge significance," says PepsiCo driver and Army veteran David Malatesta. "This came from all the way out in Washington D.C."
PepsiCo Rolling Remembrance Relay aims to raise awareness and funds for the children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, which provides college scholarships and counseling to children who lost a parent during active duty.