People rescued by boat as New Milford sees major flooding

First responders were called to rescue around a dozen people from floodwaters in New Milford Friday morning.
Neighboring River Edge had to dispatch its fire rescue boats to assist in pulling people out of their flooded homes after the Hackensack River rushed over its banks.
“We’ve taken out about 10 to 12 people so far between the two boats,” says River Edge Fire Chief Gregg Cariddi.
Rescues were made on Harvard Avenue and Columbia Street in New Milford. The Hackensack River just couldn’t handle the 3 or so inches of rain that fell Thursday night. 
“We removed actually some kids who needed to go to school because school is still going on today, so we just walk our boats in. If some areas are deeper, we’ll use a boat motor,” says Cariddi.
Some residents just recovered from the last flood in September. That includes the family of Tabz Dillinger, who says his parents weren’t even aware of what’s going on. 
“Within a period of like eight months, it happens twice. Before that, we never experienced anything like this before,” says Dillinger. “We just finished making all the repairs, the electrical stuff and now this all over again, so they’re going to be discouraged when they come home and find out.”