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Paying respects: FedEx driver picks up, folds fallen American flag

A Freehold homeowner is praising a FedEx driver who picked up and folded his fallen American flag.

News 12 Staff

Feb 8, 2020, 2:21 AM

Updated 1,570 days ago


There are some who would say that it is rare to see random acts of kindness in today’s modern times. But what a Federal Express driver did Friday goes above and beyond.
Freehold resident Rick Guerino says that he was surprised at first to get an alert on his phone that someone was at his front door. Guerino was at work eating lunch when his home’s Ring doorbell system went off. When he looked he saw a FedEx driver on his front porch.
But Guerino says that he wasn’t expecting any packages.
"I didn't know what he was doing at first…I was like, 'What are you doing?'” says Guerino.
What the driver was doing was picking up an American flag that had fallen on Guerino’s property. Winds were gusting to over 35 mph in Freehold Friday afternoon. And Guerino’s flag pole had toppled over.
"I see him bend down and pick up the flag. I didn't even realize my flag pole was down,” Guerino says. "He picks it up and starts waving it in the air and I’m like what is he doing? Next thing I know, he folds it up, opens the door and puts it in my door."
The driver folded the flag according to proper American flag protocol. He even closed Guerino’s front door with care as he put the flag there.
“He really respected the flag and you don’t see that too often. That’s what hits here,” Guerino says.
News 12 New Jersey tried to identify the FedEx driver for this story. But the company says that they are still trying to find out his identity based on the video.
A spokesperson for the company says in a statement, "FedEx Ground is proud of the many contributions our team members make to our communities every day. We commend the actions of this service provider employee, who went above and beyond by carefully and respectfully securing the flag on the homeowner's behalf."
Guerino says that he would like to meet the driver so that he can thank him for doing the unexpected. He says that he first put up the flag pole after the Sept. 11 attacks. He says that the next pole he puts up in his yard will be stronger.

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