Paying for air? News 12’s Brian Donohue takes issue with service station tire pumps

Anyone who has ever found themselves with low air on their car tires may have felt the annoyance over some gas station air pumps.
Oftentimes these pumps are broken, or require the user to fumble for loose change to operate them.
News 12’s Brian Donohue says that this past weekend while on a trip from Washington, D.C. to New Jersey, he stopped at four different service stations looking for air, only to find the pumps were out of order.
Donohue says that in an era where New Jersey residents have to pay bank ATM fees and extra fees at the airport, many have become numb to added-on costs. But he thinks that air should be free.
California and Connecticut both have laws that require services stations to provide free air. Donohue says that maybe it is time for New Jersey to join the list.
But thankfully there are some places in the Garden State that provide free air for customers – mainly Wawa and Quick Check.
Several people who spoke with Donohue while pumping their tires say that they will often stop in to Wawa or Quick Check to purchase items, in addition to using the free air, so Donohue says that it is a good business idea to provide that service.