Pay gap: Women in New Jersey make 20% less than men. report finds

March is Women’s History Month. One thing that women nationwide want to see put in the past is the gender wage gap.
Women nationally earn 18% less than men. And in New Jersey, that gap is even wider, according to a new report from Business.Org. The pay gap in New Jersey is just under 20% - a $14,000 difference per year.
March 15 is “Equal Pay Day” because this is how far into the year that women must work to earn what men earned in 2021.
The Rutgers Center for Women and Work studies the gender pay gap. Faculty director Yana Rodgers says the “motherhood penalty” is the main reason behind the differences in paychecks.
“Women are slotted into lower paying jobs that have more flexibility because they bear the disproportionate responsibility at home for care work,” she says.
Rodgers says there is still some bias in the workplace and incorrect perceptions that lead to lower salaries or positions. She says it is unfair and frustrating.
Rodgers says businesses and the federal government must step up with better policies and legislation for women and men to ensure equality. She says that New Jersey is paving the way.
“With equal pay legislation. We have paid family leave insurance. We have earned sick leave insurance. We’ve taken a lead,” Rodgers says.
She says that families must also redistribute household and child care responsibilities. She says closing the gap at home is the best way to close the gender pay gap completely.
The Rutgers Center for Women and Work says Latina women have the largest pay gap in New Jersey – more so than any other state in the nation.
Nationally there are a few jobs that pay women more. says there are five roles that report a wage gap favoring women. Those positions are compliance officers, graphic designers, clinical lab techs, pharmacists and insurance processing clerks.