Pawnshop owner whose info found on kosher market attacker denied bail

A pawn shop owner whose information was found on one of the Jersey City kosher market attackers was denied bail Monday after he faced a judge on weapons charges.
The FBI started to investigate Ahmed A-Hady after his phone number was found in the pocket of suspect David Anderson.
Authorities searched the Buy and Sell City pawn shop in Keyport and found multiples firearms and 400 rounds of ammunition allegedly belonging to A-Hady. A-Hady is not allowed to own firearms due to a previous felony drug conviction.
A-Hady must remain in jail after a judge ruled that he posed a danger to the community due to the amount of ammunition he allegedly possessed.
A-Hady’s attorneys say that the guns and ammunition were for protection for the pawnshop. But U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito says that he does not buy that claim.
“I don’t see how 12 guns are necessary to protect the pawnshop in Keyport, New Jersey. I don’t see how that would make it necessary to have long rifles, including three AR-15s, a shotgun, five separate handguns, three other long rifles. And it certainly doesn’t justify the illegal possession of hollow-point bullets,” he says.
While A-Hady was facing a judge, the FBI was also seen inside another pawnshop that his family owns in South Amboy. Carpenito said that he could not comment on that investigation.
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