Paterson's Palestinian community concerned for loved ones in wake of Hamas terror attack

Some members of the Palestinian community in New Jersey told News 12 that they are worried about family and friends in Palestine as Sunday marked the second day of the rapidly intensifying war between Israel and Palestinian militants.
Nearly 1,000 people had been killed since the Hamas militants began their assault on Saturday.
It was back in May 2022 when a part of Main Street in Paterson was renamed Palestinian Way as Palestinians have played a massive role in the economic success and cultural richness in the city.
Resident Rania Mustafa told News 12 she has a friend who recently moved back to Palestine. Mustafa said she is frequently checking on her. Her friend told her friends were off from school the last two days and that they're "terrified" about the conflict.
"She's worried and she's scared and she doesn't know what's going to happen but...they don't have any other choice," Mustafa said.