Paterson school official pushes for multimillion-dollar sports dome

A Paterson School Board member is pushing the city to build a multimillion-dollar sports dome for the district.
The dome would be built behind School 15 and would be used for training for football, basketball, soccer and track. It would be three levels and would be protected from bad weather.
School Board Commissioner Emanuel Caspers says currently there is only one athletic field in the city for the students.
“Right over here is East Side Football Field and we only have one field in the city, where it’s a shared field with Kennedy High School and East Side High School,” Caspers says. “Just on a weekly basis, our football team has practice there, our girls soccer team has practice, our boys soccer team has practice…Another facility is a great need.”
The facility would cost more than $4 million. Caspers says that he hopes to raise money from private sources instead of using taxpayer dollars.