Paterson announces projects aimed at fixing flooding issues in the city

River Street is one of those areas that will see major improvements.

Chris Keating

Mar 11, 2024, 9:40 AM

Updated 37 days ago


Relief is on the way for parts of Paterson that continually suffer from flooding due to rain. Details of the plans were offered on Monday after several city streets were once again closed this past weekend due to the weather.
River Street is one of those areas that will see major improvements. The sewer system will be completely overhauled to fix drainage on the street which sits right alongside the Passaic River.
Some businesses continually flood, along with the road.
First responders pulled off five rescues of people who had gotten stuck in their cars after driving on flooded streets this weekend in the city. Three of those were on River Street. There’s a tire recycling business along that stretch owned by John Duque. His loading dock was flooded with water this weekend.
“The dumpster got turned over because of the water. Garbage is all over the place,” Duque says. “We are used to it. Usually, the water goes over the loading dock. This time it didn’t go up, sometimes it has gone inside the warehouse.”
Duque says he welcomes any improvements the city has to offer. He had to close his shop for a week in January because of high water.
City officials say they are hopeful the improvements to River Street will be finished by November. The work is currently being put out to bid.

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