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Parsippany police: 28 car burglaries reported at local hotels

Police say there were dozens of burglaries to cars outside Parsippany hotels on Thanksgiving.

Lanette Espy and Tony Caputo

Nov 29, 2023, 11:13 AM

Updated 205 days ago


Police are cracking down on car thefts and asking the public for help moving forward after over two dozen burglaries were reported last week involving cars outside hotels in Parsippany.
Police say there were a total of 28 burglaries and attempted burglaries to cars outside Parsippany hotels on Thursday, Nov. 23.
  • 20 incidents at the Sheraton Hotel on Smith Road.
  • 4 incidents at the Hyatt House on Smith Road.
  • 4 incidents at the Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites on Route 46.
Authorities also say three different residences in town were burglarized on Sunday. They say these burglaries included vehicles that were stolen.
The locations include Cherry Lane where a 2022 BMW X7 was stolen and on Sedgefield Drive where a 2022 BMW X7 was stolen.
One arrest has been made in connection with a home burglary that involved a high-end car being stolen.
Remo D’Alessandro of the Parsippany-Troy Hills Police Department says police have historically seen targets of opportunity with vehicles that are unlocked in driveways. He says this has progressed a little. As far as the hotel incidents, D’Alessandro says that was more so because of the time of year.
Police recommend drivers park under well-lit areas and remove any items from the vehicles if you’re going shopping during the holidays.
As for homes, police say improvements such as lighting on the sides of your homes or even having a dog can act as a deterrent against those who may see you as a target.
“Most homes that are targeted have inadequate lighting. So, if you can have motion sensor lights, spotlight on the driveways or over the front door, even landscape lighting,” D’Alessandro suggested.
Anyone with information on the burglaries is asked to contact Parsippany police at 973-263-4300.

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