Painted shells on the Jersey Shore raising awareness for epilepsy 

News 12's Jim Murdoch visited Wall Township to learn more on how a young man's painted shells are helping raise awareness of epilepsy

Jim Murdoch

Aug 9, 2023, 10:39 AM

Updated 293 days ago


Have you seen colorful, painted shells at towns up and down the Jersey Shore? If so, it's a popular, fun and creative trend - and for a Wall Township family, the shells carry a lot of meaning.
Being an artist came naturally to 33-year old Kyle Adamkiewicz of Wall Township when he decided to come up with a creative way to raise awareness of epilepsy in October 2022.
Painting and hand-crafting sea shells continues to become a popular trend across New Jersey and the world. Kyle has now painted more than 400 shells and has received photos of them as far away as Australia and South Korea.
Inside each shell is a link to his Facebook page, Epilepsy Shells Worldwide, and a QR code with links on epilepsy and how to help in emergency situations.
Learn more about the popular trend and Kyle Adamkiewicz's story below:

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