Overcast Thursday; Friday rain could impact morning commute

Thursday is expected to see mild temperatures in the 40s.

Dave Curren

Feb 21, 2024, 10:55 AM

Updated 57 days ago


The weather will be quiet until Friday. Expect showers to possibly interfere with the morning drive to work and school.
OVERNIGHT: Clouds collect. Temperatures have a seasonable snap to them with a low of around 29 degrees.
THURSDAY: Overcast. Temperatures try to warm on a south-to-southeast wind. And when I say warm, I mean get back to where they should be for the third week in February - right around 45 degrees.
FRIDAY: Rainy and raw for Friday, especially early on. It doesn't look like a lot of rain for Friday, however, rain and snow melt could lead to larger puddles to navigate for the morning commute. Something to keep in the back of your mind.
WEEKEND: The rain passes and the sun comes back with an unseasonable chill to the air for Saturday and Sunday. It's sunny with afternoon highs in the upper-30s.
COMING UP: Looking for warmer weather? Possibly record-challenging temperatures are heading our way for early next week. The records for next Wednesday and Thursday are 68 degrees in 1976 and 67 degrees also from 1976. Let’s see how the pattern evolves and how close it gets.

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