‘Our work is just beginning’: Essex County plans to open 5 COVID-19 vaccination centers

Essex County is planning to open five COVID-19 vaccination centers, and residents from each of the county's 22 towns will be assigned to one of the sites.
Here are the sites:
Essex County College, Donald M. Payne School of Technology, the old Kmart on Prospect Avenue in West Orange, Livingston Mall and Essex County's West Caldwell School of Technology.
People from Newark though, can get vaccinated at any of the five.
"Our work is just beginning,” says Essex County Executive Joseph DiVincenzo, Jr. “It's nice to have nice facilities, but we keep doing what we have to do in the next six months because this isn't going to be over in a short time. So, let's keep working together and make sure every Essex County resident can get vaccinated."
The county hasn't received any vaccinations yet, but the sites will be ready when the doses arrive.