‘Our families are in critical need.' State leaders applaud new COVID stimulus package

Some of New Jersey’s leaders are cheering for the $10.2 billion that New Jersey will be receiving in federal pandemic relief aid.
Gov. Phil Murphy, Sens. Bob Menendez and Cory Booker, and local mayors were joined by first responders at an event in Elizabeth on Friday. First responders will be among those who are benefiting from this aid.
The city of Elizabeth will be getting $40 million in the American Rescue Plan that was signed by President Joe Biden earlier this week.
“Last summer I had conversations with the unions of police, fire and EMS and I said, ‘I don’t know where this is doing. I don’t know where the budget is going. All I know, we will lose revenue. And if we lose revenue, it will affect your jobs,’” says Elizabeth Mayor Chris Bollwage.
The rescue plan will benefit struggling families, support small businesses and help reopen schools. It will also ensure that the services that keep New Jersey families, businesses and schools safe will remain viable and that the people who do that work are able to keep their jobs.
“Without this infusion of money, there would either be massive layoffs or large tax increases and you can’t place large tax increases on a community that’s struggling to eat,” says Bollwage.
Neighboring Union Township will receive $16 million in direct federal assistance.
“Our families, especially in Union Township, are in critical need to make sure we can enhance our safety and so in doing that this funding will really help off-set the tax base in our township,” says Union Township Mayor Michelle Delisfort.
The leaders say that the relief package will help make a difference in New Jersey where it’s needed the most.