‘Operation washout’ leads to nearly 600 arrests across the US, including Newark

Nearly 600 fugitives have been arrested across the country after a major drug bust, U.S. Marshals announced this week.
In what is being called “operation washout,” U.S. marshals say they arrested fugitives and people wanted for felony narcotic violations in 12 different cities, including Newark. There is no word on how many of the arrested fugitives are from New Jersey.
From Jan. 8 to Feb. 2, the operations focused on drug-related and violent crimes at locations with some of the highest overdose rates.
Of the total arrests, U.S. marshals say 78 were confirmed gang members.
Also arrested:
  • 27 for homicide or capital murder
  • 104 for assault
  • 80 for weapons offenses
  • 44 for robbery
  • 202 for drug offenses
  • 64 for burglary
  • 25 for sex offenses
  • 3 for arson