On The Scene: Opening night of 'A Beautiful Noise: The Neil Diamond Musical'

A Broadway musical based on the life of music legend Neil Diamond opened Sunday night which features many of the hits that music lovers know and love.
Audiences were treated to one of the most anticipated Broadway openings of the year, "A Beautiful Noise: The Neil Diamond Musical," and the music icon himself was at the premiere.
Singing along with the rest of attendees to "Sweet Caroline," Neil Diamond arrived for yet another landmark musical moment in his legendary career.
The opening of the musical also drew more than a few of the entertainment industry's greats.
"It just moves you back and forth, you know, 'Cracklin' Rose' and 'Sweet Caroline,' there's something in it," said actress Bernadette Peters.
"I signed him 50 years ago to Columbia records," said music producer Clive Davis. "So his music is timeless."
That timeless music makes up the score of "A Beautiful Noise," the Broadway musical based on Diamond's life, from growing up a poor kid in Brooklyn, to becoming a music giant.
Actor Will Swenson plays the music legend.
"He said, 'I like you, Will, because got Chutzpah. There's been a lot of impersonators and they can sound like me, but you've got the right energy,'" Swenson recalled.
Swenson's wife, six-time Tony Award winner Audra McDonald, arrived after performing her own Broadway matinee in "Ohio State Murders."
"I hear the songs in my head just because I've seen the show a lot. But it's not because he's doing it a lot at home," McDonald said.
The opening night marked a rare public appearance for the 81-year-old Diamond, who has Parkinson's disease. However, that did not stop him from leading a rousing curtain call performance of "Sweet Caroline."