Omicron variant arrives in New York; President Biden says vaccination is the key

The Omicron variant is coming closer to New Jersey, and as of today, five cases are confirmed in New York.
The first case is a 67-year-old woman from Suffolk County who traveled to South Africa and is vaccinated.  
Three others were confirmed in Queens, Brooklyn, and another within the five boroughs.  
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A man from Minnesota who attended an anime convention in Manhattan in late November also tested positive.  
The New Jersey Department of Health says anyone who attended that convention should get tested immediately.  
As part of his winter COVID-19 plan, President Joe Biden says insurance companies will now
cover at-home COVID-19 testing. 
He is also launching a campaign to push the booster shot and under his winter plan, all international travelers must show proof of a negative COVID-19 test one day prior to departure.
"This tighter testing timetable provides an accurate degree of protection as scientist continue to study the Omicron variant. And we are extending the requirement both internationally and domestically to wear masks for travel and aircraft trained public transportation through the winter months," says President Biden. 
President Biden says lockdown is not the answer, rather vaccination is the key when it comes to fighting this new variant and the pandemic.  
The New Jersey Department of Health says that anyone who attended the anime convention in Manhattan in November should get tested immediately.