Officials: Suspect killed in shootout in Deptford Township; injured officer in stable condition

The shooting happened near Dorman Avenue and Cobblestone Lane in Deptford Township Friday around 1 p.m.

Matt Trapani and Naomi Yané

Mar 10, 2023, 8:27 PM

Updated 499 days ago


One man is dead, and a police officer is hospitalized following a shootout in Gloucester County Friday afternoon.
News 12 New Jersey has learned that the Deptford Township police officer is in stable condition after having surgery. This is according to the New Jersey State Police Benevolent Association.
The shooting left neighbors shocked.
“They were shooting at each other. There was a lot of gunfire that was heard,” says neighbor Nancy Cockerill.
It was not clear what led to the shooting. But that did not stop neighbors from speculating.
“We don’t know if it was a robbery gone bad or he got stopped and then it was a pursuit,” says Cockerill.
The New Jersey Office of the Attorney General says that the shooting happened just before 1 p.m. Friday near Dorman Avenue and Cobblestone Lane. The suspect who was shot died during or shortly after the encounter.
Residents tell News 12 that the officer was shot in the leg. They say they were stunned that it happened in the middle of the day.
“We found out that there was a suspect running through the neighborhood. There was a lot of cops running around,” Cockerill says. “I called the principal and the principal tried to delay the school bus from getting dropped off.
“Thank God the kids weren’t home. Most people were at work,” says Heather Jones.
The state PBA says he has pulled through surgery and is expected to be OK.
Neither the names of the suspect or the officer have been released.

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