Officials: Pawn shop owner arrested in connection to Jersey City shooting

Officials say a Keyport pawn shop owner was arrested Saturday in connection to the deadly shooting in Jersey City.
Ahmed A-Hady, 35, was charged with illegal firearm possession after authorities say a piece of paper with the address for his shop was found in David Anderson's pocket, who was one of the two shooters.
Officials say the note also contained a telephone number ending in 4115 and the name of the shop, called Buy-N-Sell City. They say FBI agents went to the shop on Friday and interviewed A-Hady and two of his relatives.
The U.S. Attorney's Office says one of the relatives allowed the FBI to search the shop, and that agents found three handguns in a safe. It says agents also found six rifles, including three AR-15s, and a shotgun.
Officials say 400 rounds of ammunition, including hollow point bullets, were found in A-Hady's residence. A-Hady is banned from possessing any weapons following a prior drug conviction from 2012.
He's expected to appear in court Monday. A-Hady could be sentenced to jail for up to 10 years if convicted.
Officials have said two of the five guns used in the shooting were legally bought by the other shooter, Francine Graham, in Ohio.
Authorities have not accounted for the other three guns, including an AR-15.