Officials: Over a dozen in New Jersey exposed to rabid kitten

Health officials say more than a dozen people in three counties may have been exposed to a rabid, stray kitten.
The New Jersey Department of Health says that the kitten was found and adopted in Edison on Nov. 12. The owner brought the kitten to several locations over the next two weeks before it displayed signs of having rabies.
Officials say that anyone who may have been exposed to the animal between Nov. 13 and Nov. 23, when the kitten began displaying signs of being sick, should contact their doctor.
Officials say that the owner brought the kitten to Branford Hall Career Institute in Hamilton Township, Mercer County from Nov. 13 through Nov. 16. Officials say that they believe two classmates were exposed.
The kitten was also brought to a Middlesex County hospital on either Nov. 13 or 14 so it could be looked after while the owner was at work. The owner said that the kitten was kept in an animal carrier at the time. Officials say that they do not believe that anyone was exposed in this occasion.
Officials also say that the kitten was taken to a Monmouth County veterinary facility on Nov. 16 for a checkup. The animal was not displaying symptoms at the time.
The owner also brought the kitten to a Thanksgiving party in Old Bridge on Nov. 17. Over a dozen people were exposed to the kitten, according to officials. Officials say that several people at the party reported being scratched or licked by the kitten.
Rabies is spread through contact with animal blood or saliva.
Officials say that the kitten had to be put down due to its sickness.
The Department of Health says 16 cats have been infected with rabies this year.
More information about rabies can be found on the department’s website.