Officials: New Jersey confirms death linked to West Nile virus

New Jersey is reporting its first confirmed death linked to the West Nile virus.
Officials say that the patient was a Camden County man in his 60s who became sick in mid-July.
West Nile virus is transmitted through a bite from a mosquito that has fed on an infected bird.
New Jersey is one of six states that has reported a death linked to the virus. The state is in the height of West Nile virus season. There is an increase in the mosquito population because of the flooding from Ida.
Eight infections are usually reported in a typical year. But New Jersey has so far reported 14 cases – three are confirmed and 11 are probable.
Burlington County has seen the most cases with three.
Officials say that for residents to stay safe they should remove any standing water from their yards and cover any empty containers that are left outside that can hold water for more than three days.