Officials: California man accused of sending threatening emails to NJ judges

A California man is accused of sending hundreds of threatening emails to several New Jersey judges.
Authorities say that in May 2022, Jonathan Lipman posted threatening content on the Lacey Township Police Department's Facebook page. As a result of this content, a Lacey Township judge signed an order prohibiting Lipman from having firearms.
Officials say that in February 2023, Lipman allegedly began sending hundreds of threatening emails to several judges.
According to an affidavit, “In many of these emails, Lipman wrote in explicit detail how [he] hoped the aforementioned public officials would die painful, gruesome, and violent deaths.”
Lipman also allegedly sent Ocean Superior Court Judge Kimarie Rahill an email with a picture of what appeared to be a lever action shotgun. The subject line of this email read, “Is a photo illegal?” according to the affidavit.
Authorities say that Lipman allegedly sent 400 emails to public officials as of Sept. 22.