Official: There’s no ordinance putting an age limit on Halloween

An Upper Deerfield town official is setting the record straight about trick-or-treating in town after several media reports stating an ordinance prohibits anyone over the age of 12 from participating in the holiday tradition.
Town administrator Roy Spoltore says that Upper Deerfield has no such ordinance pertaining to trick-or-treating. But he adds that the township has suggested an age limit for over 30 years.
“There has not been any enforcement of the suggested age,” Spoltore said in a statement.
Several media outlets, including News 12 New Jersey, had reported that the township had recently passed an ordinance making it illegal for anyone over the age of 12 to trick-or-treat.
There is an ordinance in Chesapeake, Virginia that puts an age limit on trick-or-treating, but officials there say that it is rarely, if ever, enforced.