Off-duty Trenton officer nabs would-be bank robber

An off-duty Trenton police officer helped stop a bank robbery minutes after the doors opened at a Wells Fargo branch Tuesday morning.
Trenton Police Officer Ja'Neice Worley was working security for Wells Fargo. She watched as a man pointed a loaded gun at an employee and demanded cash.
Worley, who has only been four years on the force, was able to dislodge the loaded gun from the suspect and wrestle him to the ground with the help of a customer.
The suspect, 23-year-old Samir Queen, was arrested and charged. The suspect's 9-millimeter gun's serial number was defaced and loaded with an extended magazine.
Mayor Reed Gusciora touted Worley's heroic actions on Wednesday.
"Our officers are well-trained, ready to spring into action. This was the quick-thinking of Officer Worley," Gusciora said. "This wasn't somebody who was passing a note. He was actually holding a gun. She was able to dislodge the gun and subdue the suspect at the same time."
Gusciora also said Worley's athleticism as a highly skilled basketball player helped in this situation.
The FBI is investigating the incident.