Ocean County superintendent sends letter to Gov. Murphy asking him to end mask requirements

The superintendent of the Central Regional School District sent a letter to Gov. Phil Murphy calling for an end to the mask requirements for students in schools.  
Dr. Triantafillos Parlapanides is citing data showing low transmission of COVID-19 by students attending school. Parlapanides sent the letter Monday asking for the executive order to be lifted.  
There are parents who have kids in the district are supporting the superintendent today, saying it's time for a change. 
“I watch it with that mask on,” says grandparent Rob Memmoma. “It's so sad to see her like that. She gets nervous not knowing what it's about. I'm sure most people feel the same way.”
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In that letter, the superintendent says less than 10% of all cases in the United States involved children ages 5 to 17, and all teachers who wanted to be vaccinated already are so they are safe inside the classrooms. 
Specifically, the superintendent writes, "I am respectfully asking that you repeal executive order 175 so that students can breathe and then at graduation parents can see their child's smiling face.”
“Board said, 'Hey Tom, can you write a letter?'” says Parlapanides. “We wrote a letter just from asking the governor. I think it's time. I think all of New Jersey is just ready to unmask and I think New Jerseyans are smart enough and still have fears. Do what you have to do, everybody has a different situation, but I would love to see the kids graduate outside without masks. It'll be a wonderful thing.”
Mask mandates for outdoor public spaces were removed on Monday, but that does not include school property, summer camps and child care facilities, according to the executive order. 
The superintendent says he has not heard anything back from the governor's office in response to his letter.