NYPD: Suspect in robbery, assault of 68-year-old man in custody, facing charges

Police say they have arrested and charged the man allegedly responsible for a robbery that happened last month that left a 68-year-old with broken bones. 
Police say 21-year-old Zamori Simmons has been charged with robbery and assault. 
The robbery was caught on camera back on July 24 just after 9 a.m. 
Police say the 69-year-old was approached while riding a CitiBike on Pitkin Avenue and Barbey Street. 
The victim is seen being punched in the face multiple times before being knocked to the ground, as Simmons continues to punch him--even stepping on him. 
As the 68-year-old laid on the ground helpless, Simmons is seen searching his pockets, even flipping the man on his stomach. 
Police say Simmons got away with a cellphone and a silver necklace before he fled. 
The 68-year-old was left with a broken wrist and nose. Police say that just for the month of July alone, they’ve seen an 8.6% increase in robberies compared to July of last year.