NorthStar Veterinary Hospital continues to provide pet health care during outbreak

Pets can be a great comfort during times of crisis like the coronavirus pandemic. A New Jersey veterinary hospital is doing its part to maintain health care for the state’s pets.
“We’re open 24 hours a day. We never close,” says NorthStar Vets chief of staff Dr. Daniel Stobie.
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The staff says that they have implemented a number of protocols to keep the staff, clients and pets safe from the virus.
“People can pull up, get their animal triaged,” Stobie says. “Stay out in their cars and text us and phone us to let us know they’re here.”
Stobie says that all of the staff will wear masks and gloves.
“We’re trying to social distance,” he says.
And besides medical care, NorthStar is also trying to stop the spread of misinformation.
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“Coronavirus is not transmissible to dogs and cats,” Stobie says. “And it’s not contagious from people to pets.”
NorthStar is also encouraging clients to go online for services like check in and check out, paperwork and bill payments.