No more cookie smell: Fair Lawn Nabisco plant to close this year, eliminating 600 jobs

Mondalez International has announced that it will be closing the Nabisco plant located in Fair Lawn this year, eliminating 600 jobs.
The factory has been a landmark in North Jersey since 1958, producing everything from Oreos to Animal Crackers. Many New Jersey residents who live or drive by the plant say that they will miss the smell of cookies that often emanated from the location.
Bakery owner Mondelez International announced they will close the plant by the summer, along with its Atlanta Location, to consolidate the cookie baking in its Richmond, Virginia plant. The Fair Lawn plant’s 600 workers were told about the closing on Thursday.
It comes at a time when thousands of New Jerseyans are out of work because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
“Any time you lose jobs like that, it’s not a good thing. Especially around this time with what’s going on,” says New Jersey resident Matt Occhipinti. “But I’ll definitely miss that smell for sure."
Mondelez says the plant's aging infrastructure and outdated production capabilities were behind the move. The company's North America president said they will work with unions and employees to "ensure that they will be cared for and supported through this transition.”