NJSIAA implements new rules for transgender high school athletes

The New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association announced Wednesday new rules for transgender high school athletes.
Student athletes may join a team of either their birth sex or the gender of which they identify, but not both. Medical consultation is no longer required.
A student athlete who tests positive for a substance that is banned under NJSIAA’s performance enhancing drug guidelines may have their case reviewed by the medical review officers if they are using the drug for the purposes of hormone therapy.
The policy also allows schools to appeal the eligibility of a transgender student “on the grounds that the student’s participation in interscholastic athletics would adversely affect competition or safety.”
“Any appeal under this paragraph will be heard by the Eligibility Appeals Committee and shall be confidential,” the policy states.
“NJSIAA has a duty to address major issues impacting the student-athletes we represent,” NJSIAA executive director Steven Timko said in a statement.
The policy would not apply to students who have not declared transgender status or students who were transgender at one point but no longer identify as such.
The NJSIAA also announced new policies regarding the use of drones at high school sporting events and practices.