NJ woman helps rescue 2 horses stranded in N. Carolina after Florence

A woman from New Jersey is working around the clock in North Carolina to rescue animals stranded after Florence.
Niki Dawson says she saw two horses up to their necks in water, likely for days, struggling to survive.
Luckily for those horses, Dawson and her team "Guardians of Rescue" spotted the pair and helped them.

"It is absolutely our mission and calling to get to those animals who have no way out," says Dawson.

Dawson and her crew have been freeing animals from floodwaters almost non-stop for the last several years.
They've been to the aftermath of hurricanes in Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida.

"There are so many people, desperate homeowners, that had to be evacuated by chopper and were not able to bring their pets with them, and they are desperate and crying and begging for help and we have to respond to that," says Dawson.
She says on a call to rescue nine dogs, they found the horses.
They were able to get the pair to the only safe spot on an elevated porch.
They left hay, secured the porch and with no way to evacuate the horses, reluctantly left overnight.

"The best news of all is we are here with Zoe and Piney, and they are doing just fine," says Dawson.
Many people from New Jersey are helping in the Carolinas, doing anything they can from rescuing animals to helping to restore power.